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Charles Town

Surrounded by the rolling hills of the Blue Ridge Mountains and located within an hour’s drive of the greater Baltimore-Washington, D.C. metropolitan area, Charles Town is ideally situated for residents seeking quality living.

Charles Town has a long, rich history dating back to its founding in 1786. The Washington family had significant land holdings in the Eastern Panhandle during colonial times. Charles Washington, the youngest brother of President George Washington, donated the four corners of the George Street and Washington Street intersection to the city for public use. The Jefferson County Court House, Charles Town City Hall, Charles Town Post Office, and Charles Washington Hall were later built on this land and to this day they serve as a historic focal point for the community.

Today, the City of Charles Town is home to approximately 5,700 residents and boasts a rich history with prominent historical sites and cultural assets. Located just inside the eastern gateway of West Virginia, it is just an hour’s drive to the greater Baltimore/Washington, D.C. metropolitan area. Because of this proximity and the availability of commuter train service, Charles Town is an attractive home for commuters in the region where the cost of living is about 30% lower than similar DC suburbs in northern Virginia and Maryland.

Surrounded by the rolling hills of the Blue Ridge Mountains, Charles Town offers a wonderful escape for those seeking relaxation, entertainment, outdoor adventure or an opportunity to immerse themselves in our rich history and culture.


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