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How to Renovate Your Home - The Right Way!

We’ve all seen the shows on HGTV that highlight amazing home transformation

ons and top-of-the-line interior design and home décor. Between new lighting, updated flooring, fresh paint, and that “Woah!” of a kitchen, it’s hard not to dream of what your home might look like with a little TLC! Before you get lost in a daydream of busting down walls, you might want to consider a few crucial points to ensure your home makeover doesn’t turn into a disaster!

Below, I highlight the 3 things you should consider before tackling that home project!

1. Be Up-To-Date on Current Trends:

All trends and fads come and go, especially when it comes to interior design. At the end of the day your home needs to be something you’re proud of and above all, comfortable in! Your home should be an extension of you! With that said, If your goal is to renovate with the intent of listing your home for sale, you must be up-to-date with current trends and styles.

Most buyers are searching for a home that is turn-key, without the need for repairs, and preferably updated to a modern design and taste. To ensure your house stands out among the rest, take the time to review current home design trends. Not only will it help you sell your home faster, but it will also ensure you get top dollar!

2. Put Down The Hammer – Higher A Contractor:

Before you let yourself or your spouse pull out the toolbox convinced you can tackle a home project alone, think twice! For starters, unless you have professional training and experience, you probably don’t know what you are about to get yourself into! If anything goes wrong, you will lose time, money and energy trying to fix the issue. Listen, the reality is that your time and energy is probably better served elsewhere.

Secondly, there are required documents called disclosures. These documents must be signed off on when it comes time to sell a home. Inside that document it highlights whether any improvements have been made on the home and if the required permits were pulled from the county or local permitting office. If you fail to do so, this may be a red flag to prospective buyers. On top of that, if a buyer inquires who made the improvements on the home and the answer is not, “A Professional Contractor” it may raise concern for the buyer. Let’s face it, would you feel confident in someone with no professional training busting down your walls, probably not?

In short, do the right thing and hire a professional contractor to take on any renovations you desire!

3. You Don’t Have to Break the Bank:

Creating a new style for your home does not have to cost a fortune! Simple updates like paint and flooring can give your home that fresh new look without the expense of an entire renovation project. If you are looking for some, do-it-yourself reno projects, below I have listed some simple and affordable ways.

  • Update Paint

  • Paint Cabinets

  • Change Window Treatments

  • Swap Out Cabinet Hardware

  • In the Kitchen: Add a Faux Island

  • Change Out Home Décor

4. Consider Consulting with an Interior Designer

If you really want to go above and beyond for your home renovation, and have a few bucks to spare, consider consulting with an interior designer. Interior designers have industry expertise that can save you money in the long run. During the planning stage, they can help prevent you from making costly mistakes. In addition, interior designers have a keen insight into materials and products, understanding what will last. Most interior designers also have access to vendors at wholesale pricing, which can save you money!


Renovating a home can be an exciting journey! Through careful planning, your home can transform into the masterpiece you’ve dreamt of! Follow these steps to ensure your renovation is a successful one! When in doubt, hire it out!

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